Choice 6 Grain Bread

Oats, wheat, corn, barley millet & rye combine for a crunchy texture enhanced with flax & sesame seeds.


French Baguette Bread

French Baguette Mix combines a special European-style wheat flour with traditional fermentation flavors and natural dough improvers in this classic blend.


Olive Bread

Olives Plus is a delicious blend of black olives and olive oil, accented with herbs and garlic.


Whole Grain Marathon

Whole Grain Marathon Mix is an aromatic blend of whole grains and seeds along with apples, bananas and carrots. This base is 100% Whole Grain, NGMO, all-natural and preservative-free.


Whole Wheat Bread

100% Whole Wheat Bread Mix is a complete mix for producing 100% whole grain breads and rolls. It is an easy-to-use mix, designed for retail or industrial bakeries.



Wurzel Brot Mix is made from the special blending of flours and malts.

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